About Us

My grandmother had the best button box and my mom's button box was a wonder. My first piece of jewelry was made for my sister's birthday when i was 5 years old. I had a piece of felt that I cut with pinking shears, sewed on a button and put a safety pin on the back-voila, a gorgeous pin. I really started making jewelry as a young teen after working for a museum in the Pacific Northwest that had bowls of beads from all over the world for sale in their gift shop. I loved playing with the beads, arranging them, creating combinations while waiting for customers. 

I have made jewelry throughout my life and during the  various incarnations I've gone through as graduate student, therapist, and Mom. We moved to a small town in Central Oregon about 18 years ago and when my daughter turned 2 I just felt like I NEEDED to make. I've always been a maker and the last 16 years have been about making  jewelry! The jewelry is either made in the studio located at the base of the Three Sisters Mountains or has been carefully curated to share wonderful items created by other artisans, sometimes in collaboration with me,  sometimes not. I make a lot of one of a kind items. I absolutely love stones, color, and form and feel like all jewelry is mini sculpture.I buy beads and objects that I find delicious all year long and am heavily inspired by the beautiful area that I live in as well as wonderful travel experiences around the world. I am very interested in the healing properties of stones and appreciate that there are many ways people can support their own healing including stones and minerals. I try to share information about the healing properties of all the stones I use in my work and am happy to suggest pieces that might help support the healing work you are doing. 

Some of the items in my store can be found in brick and mortar settings throughout the state of Oregon, as well as in locations in Alaska, Washington, Idaho and California.

Please feel free in inquire about  or suggest new retail settings that you would like to see Wendy Vernon Designs in! And please consider letting me share updates to the store with you so you can get a first peak at the beautiful stones and styles!